domingo, 15 de junio de 2008

Comentario ACT! en AMAZON

By Schatz
I have been in IT for 20 years and am currently an IT manager for a Fortune 500 company. Act 2006 and then the "upgrade" to Act 2008 have been the worst software experiences I have ever seen, bar none.

With a ~12 seat install of Act premium, we got Act 2006 up and running with the help of a Certified Act consultant. It was ugly and the entire user base complained of not only Act being very slow, but the computers slowed to a crawl when performing all other functions as well. See the reviews of Act 2006 and you will see my experience is the norm.

An upgrade to 2008 was ordered. Cold feelings of dread went up and down my spine. The same consultant returned and we started.

Every single machine had a minimum of 6 errors related to the upgrade. Some had many more. A listing of actual and paraphrased errors follows. The consultant struggled until late in the evening to get the first four or five working. SQL was removed and installed, registries were hacked and edited. Finally she got those working.

The next day I personally attempted to do the rest.

Eventually after about 5 person-days I got the machines installed, and now the users are telling us that this version is even slower than the dog called Act 2006.
This should not reflect badly on the consultant. She was quite good. This is all about the product put out by Rage Software.

Run, don't walk away from this evil thing called Act.

Small sample of the errors I jotted down as we went down this bloody path:

All users had errors when adding an Outlook address book, Licensing error-User count. Which eventually went away after 6-8 tries or 10 minutes, not sure which fixed it. We had the proper volume licenses.

When updating the local DB all laptops gave an error pop up "Error in the Application" with "ok" being the only choice. It seemed to complete ok after this however.

Over half had SQL errors upon upgrading from 2006 to 2008. Gave up and removed 2006 and 5 related pieces instead of upgrading.

None could register online due to Act not speaking SSL through a Windows configured proxy. (A fairly standard configuration in a corporation) We did work around this by connecting/activating with another method.

Half of the laptops caused Outlook 2003 errors when launching. "Error in registry for extension: (Exchange Extensions) Syntax or format of the registry entry is incorrect." This dialog appeared about a dozen times in a row and then Outlook would eventually launch.

25% had errors when upgrading related to SQL. The upgrade from 2006-2008 did not handle the SQL portion well at all. Once we manually uninstalled Act 2006, 4-5 SQL pieces and the XML 6 Parser, and then installed 2008 and then manually installed SQL Server it went somewhat better. There were still a couple that had major errors though relating to SQL even after doing this elaborate process.

Errors with SQL failing to start - SQLWriter-SQLDumper library failed initialization. Installation Corrupt/tampered with.

SQL Server could not find specified named instance (ACT7) please specify the name of an existing instance at the invocation of sqlserver.exe

And on and on and on..