sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

¿Que tan diferente es el CRM en America Latina con Estados Unidos

Recientemente en un entrevista con Lexnet Consulting, me hicieron la pregunta de que tan diferente es el CRM en la región vs Estados Unidos. Pregunta muy interesante ya que si considero que hay muchas diferencias. La pregunta la conteste con solo 2 diferencias. Pero hay muchas mas diferencias... ¿Que opinan?

How is CRM different in Latin America as compared to the US (as far as attitude toward it, implementation, etc.)?

There are many differences. I will focus in two of them. The first one is that when you sell and close a deal in Latin America (B2B or B2C), your collection process starts. You need to truly understand the payment process of a company, guidelines, laws, and paperwork. From the consumer side you also need to start proactively work on collection process to lower the risks of bad debts or late payments. Most of the traditional CRM packages do not have the functionality to manage collection processes which in Latin America is a front office process. This why there are many local CRM packages in Mexico, Peru and Argentina providing collection functionality.

The second difference is that the best practices provided by a CRM package could not really represent a best practice in Latin America. For example, address formats in many CRM packages do not consider the different address formats in the region. Many CRM systems are design to only manage US and Canadian addresses. You need to consider the different address formats for each country. For this you will need to look for local address validation software or services in each country.

There are many other differences — from managing projects to pricing and from managing call centers to the Internet. There are many business and cultural differences in Latin America, making CRM different from the United States or Europe.